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This is a great set from my personal collection that I have had since taken out of the wrapper. All cards are in page 9 slot protection stored in a 3 ring binder current retail on this set is $2242. This set is in nearmint/mint condition. Set contains 850 cards 156 of them are HOF and 141 are rookies.


Set Highlights

  • Series I consists of cards 1-405, Series II of cards 406-850.
  • Card #2 was skipped in the numbering because of the two #1 cards featuring the co-winners of the Pro Set Rookie of the Year Award.
  • Most of the subsets and teams were designed to be in multiples of nines so that collectors could assemble them evenly into 9-pocket plastic sheets.
  • 500 each of autographed Lawrence Taylor cards #294 and #336 were randomly inserted into packs.
  • Card #210 of Dan Marino was featured on the cover of the Oct. 1991 issue of Sports Card Trader magazine.
  • The NFL Player's Association brought a lawsuit against Pro Set alleging they did not have proper permission for 13 of the cards: #8, #46, #74, #78, #121, #125, #175, #250, #318, #326, #328, #335, #341 of players Andre Collins, Eric Dickerson, Jim Kelly, Bernie Kosar, Webster Slaughter, and Blair Thomas
  • A number of cards had to be reissued without the NFLPA logo on the back after they were printed without the proper clearance to use the logo. The NFLPA brought a suit against Pro Set in May 1991 over this.



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